The Deep Learning Challenge

This Deep learning challenge is intended to provide exposure to the candidates to build real-time industry-ready deep learning applications. The intention here is to not only build a firm knowledge base for the participants but also to make them job ready and capable enough to crack any job opportunity. This challenge has been launched with this conviction to help the community grow and learn both the theory and the practical implementations of the underlying concepts of deep learning and to motivate them by the means of rewards.

Start : 18th May 2020
End : 25th August 2020
The Machine Learning Challenge

This machine learning challenge has been created with the intent to engage the audience to participate. This also has the potential to bring out the best technical skill sets via the means of competitive learning and personal research. We, at iNeuron, believe that while classroom training is essential, self-learning and competitive practices help in a holistic and a long-lasting learning experience. Thus, we are proud to have launched these challenges, which will help our candidates worldwide achieve their dreams. This challenge is to help the community learn and nurture together by creating a common platform for the exchange of ideas and solutions, and motivating the individuals and teams with appropriate rewards.

Start : 6th May 2020
End : 14th June 2020
The Chatbot Challenge

This Chatbot building challenge has been initiated with the intent to motivate the audience to participate. At the end of this challenge, the deliverable is to build a chatbot which can initiate, continue and respond to a conversation as a human would do and on top of that perform other background tasks as well such as ticket creation, email notifications etc. This is also targeted towards building and spreading awareness amongst people towards the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, we are proud to have launched this challenge, which will help everyone learn and be safe in these dire times.

Competition has been closed