The Chatbot Challenge

Cash prizes worth INR 70,000


This Chatbot building challenge has been initiated with the intent to motivate the audience to participate. At the end of this challenge, the deliverable is to build a chatbot which can initiate, continue and respond to a conversation as a human would do and on top of that perform other background tasks as well such as ticket creation, email notifications etc. This is also targeted towards building and spreading awareness amongst people towards the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, we are proud to have launched this challenge, which will help everyone learn and be safe in these dire times.

Solution Requirements

1. Participants have to replicate the entire tutorial for RASA NLU, google Dialog Flow, amazon lex, and Azure Luis and submit detail documentation and working chatbot snapshots in word file, and they have to show a Facebook messenger, slack, telegram integration.

2. Participants have to build below chatbots in any of two platforms that you have learned and submit final documentation with snapshots like ineuron documentation you can choose any of these platforms to build your bot.

3. It should be able to show demographic wise covid-19 csaes.

4. It should capture user name.

5. It should capture user email id.

6. It should capture user mobile number.

7. It should capture user pincode.

8. It should be able to send covid-19 cases to report in detail and prevention measure to user mail id.

9. It should be integrated with facebook messenger and telegram.

10. It should be able to save all the conversation In any of databases preferred will be mongodb or any SQL system.

11. It should show map wise COVID cases in case a user is asking for a worldwide case of covid-19.

12. You have to submit end to end documentation in your dashboard in final project submit a link.

13. You have to replicate all the chatbot published by us and submit a final documentation in your dashboard in the respective tab given in your dashboard.

14. You have to create a video of your chatbot end to end tutorial and send it to us with working chatbot demo.


  • 1st Place - ₹40,000

  • 2nd Place - ₹20,000
  • 3rd Place - ₹10,000
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