The Deep Learning Challenge

Cash prizes worth INR 1,00,000


Evaluation Criteria

1. The solution shall be evaluated on the architecture design of the entire application.

2. The solution shall be evaluated on the data pre-processing and inferences drawn.

3. The solution shall be evaluated based on the optimizations applied and the model accuracy on an unseen dataset.

4. The solution shall be evaluated based on testing with the realtime dataset.

5. The solution shall be evaluated based on the code readability, formatting and proper commenting whenever and wherever required.

6. The solution shall be evaluated based on the interactiveness and ease of use of the user interface and its aesthetics.


The solutions need to be submitted on or before the last date for submission. The solution submission should include a working application satisfying all the requirements along with full documentation and the video recording for the project as mentioned in the solution requirements section. The links for all code, documentations and videos can be provided below separately for each of the problem statements.

Please submit the code, documentation and video link one by one for each of the projects.


Individual problem statements can be accessed by opening the problem tab. For getting the detailed problem statement, attribute information and data, please click on the respective problem statement button to download the file.


This Deep learning challenge is intended to provide exposure to the candidates to build real-time industry-ready deep learning applications. The intention here is to not only build a firm knowledge base for the participants but also to make them job ready and capable enough to crack any job opportunity. This challenge has been launched with this conviction to help the community grow and learn both the theory and the practical implementations of the underlying concepts of deep learning and to motivate them by the means of rewards.

The Deep learning challenge is divided into 5 different problems. You need to select only one problem.

Solution Requirements

1. Create thorough design documentation containing the solution design architecture.

2. Create and update detailed logs for all the training and prediction steps as well as detailed application logging with a robust exception handling framework.

3. A well-scripted retraining and application maintenance approach to make the application better, robust, and comparatively less prone to failures with time.

4. A descriptive video of project development process encompassing all the functionalities achieved through the project.


All deadlines are at 11:59 PM IST on the corresponding day unless otherwise notified. The competition organizers reserve the right to update the contest timeline if they deem it necessary.


  • 1st Place - ₹50,000

  • 2nd Place - ₹30,000
  • 3rd Place - ₹20,000
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