Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who can participate in the challenge?

Anyone who is interested can join the challenge and submit their codes.

2.What is the deadline of the project?

The deadline is 28th May.

3.Will I get any support for this challenge

No, we will not provide any support regarding this challenge.

4.What are the prizes?

Please check the prize section.

5.Will you provide the dataset?

Yes, we will provide the dataset for all the problems.

6.Can I submit two projects?

Only one project bundle submitted by you shall be evaluated.

7.What are the rules for the challenge?

Please check the rules section.

8.I have a doubt, and I wanted to discuss with a mentor?

If your doubt is regarding this challenge, then we won't allow any discussion for the same.

9.Can I form a team and join the competition?

No, only individual registration is allowed. If more than one person is submitting a project, it will be rejected.

10.where can I find details for the project?

The details are present on the website "", and also a detailed explanation is present at our YouTube channel "iNeuron Intelligence".

11.What is the purpose of this challenge?

The sole purpose of this project is to give the students exposure to real-time project building and help them get prepared for industry jobs.

12.Will we get the solution for the projects after the competition ends?

We will share the project submitted by the winners of the challenge.

13.Will iNeuron provide cloud access to deploy the projects?

No, all the projects are to be deployed by the students themselves, and iNeuron will not provide with any subscription of the cloud storage.

14.Is this challenge mandatory?

No, this is entirely up to students, if they want to join this project or not.

15.Will I learn anything from this challenge?

We assure you that if you try to complete this challenge, you will learn a great deal about how real-time projects work and how do we use machine learning knowledge to solve a problem.

16.How can I participate in the challenge?

You can participate in challenges by visiting Please Signup and Register for the challenges.

17.How do I submit a solution to a challenge?

Challenge solutions can be submitted only after you "Join" an open contest. After joining the contest, please click on the "Submissions" tab on the contest main page. From there you can submit the respective solutions.

18.Can I resubmit a challenge solution?

No, you cannot resubmit the solution. A single submission is your final submission for the challenge.

19.After I submit a solution, how much time does it take to be notified of the results?

You’ll get an email once the results are declared.

20.Can I use the competition data for my own projects?

All the datasets are open-sourced and publicly available. If you want to use the data for your projects please mention the citation for the specific dataset.

21.What is the qualification required to participate in the challenge?

There is no pre-defined qualification required.

22.Can I submit my results before the due date?

Yes, you can submit your solutions before the due date.

23.Are late submissions excepted?

No late submissions shall be entertained under any circumstances.

24.Do I need to provide any documentation along with my solutions?

Yes at the end of the challenge if you are asked to submit the documentation then you should.

25.Can I still participate even if I am not too confident regarding the topic of the challenge?

Yes, if you want to give it your best effort you can definitely go ahead and participate.

26.I am currently pursuing Btech can I still participate for the challenge?

Yes, your qualifications are irrelevant in order to participate.

27.Are new challenges available every month?

Challenges are launched as per iNeuron's will and availability, do stay connected on our social media in order to stay updated regarding our upcoming challenge.

28.In case a challenge requires me to use a certain software can I use the free version?

you can use the free/community or trial version

29.Are there any specific deployment platforms that I should adhere to?

We are expecting deployments as mentioned in the Requirements section

30.In case I win the challenges will iNeuron showcase my victory on their portal?

Yes, the achievements and winner shall be published on our portal.

31.Will I get any job opportunities at iNeuron if I win the challenge?

Job opportunities are based on requirements. If there is a requirement, we will conduct an interview, and if we find the candidate suitable for the role with required skill sets, results are dependant solely on the outcome of the interview.

32.Will my solutions be shared publicly without my prior knowledge?

iNeuron reserves the right to share your solutions submitted for the challenges.