Terms & Conditions

1.By joining this challenge, the participant accepts that they are going to adhere to the rules of the competition.

2.iNeuron shall be the sole decision-maker for all the challenge related rules, tasks and winners.

3.Selling, sublicensing and/or otherwise commercializing the materials of this challenge is prohibited.

4.Using this challenge to engage in any advertising or marketing by third parties is strictly prohibited.

5.By joining this competition, the participant accepts that the code/software/ documentation/videos submitted by the participant shall be owned by iNeuron, can be used by iNeuron, and the participant’s permission is not required for the same.

6.iNeuron reserves the right to cancel any participant's candidature, and no further communication shall be entertained in that regards.

7.iNeuron reserves the right to change the competition timelines as deemed necessary.